• weQR believes that in medical emergencies or other distress situations, lives can be saved if timely assistance is provided.
  • The person in emergency situation may not be able to self advocate or share important details to get timely help, due to medical or other challenges such as very limited language ability, anxiety and panic attacks etc.
  • weQR products are helpful for anyone and everyone including senior citizens with challenging medical conditions and specially abled kids who may get lost or disoriented in a public place.
  • weQR produts provide a greatly increased measure of security for your loved ones and greater peace of mind for you.
  • Various QR code based products such as Tags, Clothing patches, IDs, Key-chains, Shoe tags etc. help people to get help from someone nearby, in case of a medical or any other kind of emergency.
  • weQR also provides customized solutions for educational institutions, hospitals etc.